Saturday, November 26, 2011

Have you been crafty?

I'm trying to embrace this whole "Stay at Home Mom" thing and become one of those crafty people who make fun things for every holiday.

I have been spending the last few months working on my crafting skills. I'm practicing for Christmas...I'm making most of the gifts this year.

It all started with Halloween. I do love this holiday. It's probably not my favorite, but I love the idea of dressing up and walking around begging for candy. To begin our Halloween celebration, Cohen and I made a cute little card. (Warning: Most of these ideas came from Pinterest! If you are not on Pinterest, what are you doing??). I'm going to do my best to give credit where credit is due, and post a Pinterest link for each item.

Here is the fun card I found on Pinterest.

And our attempt to recreate it.

Next...I wanted to put up some fun Halloween decorations. I've never actually decorated for this holiday before, but I figured if I found something cute and easy, I'd decorate. This is what I found.

Here is my attempt at recreating it. I did this during Cohen's naptime one day. It was very easy!!

We had a Young Adults/LSU party at our house in October, and I wanted to make something yummy for our guests. This is what I found on pinterest....

Here is our attempt...

Cooking with Cohen is always an adventure. He thinks he must eat the entire time he's baking. I was concerned that we wouldn't have enough candy corn to top our pretzels.

The finished product. Maybe they weren't as cute as the ones in the picture, but they were fun to make and very tasty!

After all the Halloween fun, we couldn't wait for Thanksgiving. We made a cute Thanksgiving card with Cohen's handprint.

I found this cute printable. I used it to create our Thanksgiving Turkey.

Here is our turkey.

I actually had it hanging by the fireplace, but forgot to take a picture of it up there. Each night, as Cohen and I were saying our prayers, I would remind him to tell God "thank you" for something. Some nights he just repeated the same thing over and over again, but other nights he came up with new and creative things. My favorite on this list is "Meme's Health." The night before, I asked him to pray expecially for Meme because she was having some tests done the next day. He prayed for her that night, asked about her the next day, then thanked God for her good health that night (it was his idea...I didn't prompt that one).

So there you have it...our creative crafts for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Now you must patiently wait for our Christmas crafts.

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  1. These are so cute! I love the holiday cards using his hands and feet. I should really try Pinterest if there's that king of stuff. Good job!