Thursday, November 3, 2011

How did you celebrate Cohen's Meetcha Day?

Well, our day started out with a trip to see Dr. Jones.

Poor Cohen...he caught a case of the pink eye. He was supposed to go to school (Wednesday is his only day of the week to attend WeeCare), but the pink eye forced him to stay home with me. I hate that he was sick, but I love staying home with this guy!

Before going home, I had to treat him to one tiny little bit of sugar (because the mountain of Halloween candy is not nearly enough). Cohen picked donuts for his special breakfast. YUM!

Since he skipped school, and I didn't really feel like forcing a sick kid to do his homeschool work, I pulled out an ice cream sheet (left over from the letter I) and we practiced cutting. Cohen LOVES to use his sissors!

For dinner, I cooked some chicken and mac and cheese. Cohen got to eat on the special "Celebrate Plate" since it was his special day.

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