Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Do you know the Allen Family?

About a month ago, my sisters and I decided that for our parents Christmas gift, we wanted to get them a picture of the entire family. It has been YEARS since we have had real pictures done of all 4 of us and our families.

We have had family pictures done TWICE with Jace's family since we came home with Cohen. It was way past time to do this with my family.

For the photos, we asked my wonderful sister-in-law, Tricia, to make the drive to North Louisiana to take the pictures for us. She graciously accepted our offer and she did an AMAZING job!!

We all met up in downtown Monroe, LA for the family pictures.

Allow me to introduce you to some of my favorite people on the family! (Left to Right: Charles, Mitch, Joani, Alyssa, Ana, Alvin, Jane, Greg, Emily, Cohen, Jace, Mitzi and Jamie).

Big Al (or Bigubal as the kids call him) and Meme with all 4 of their grandkids: Alyssa - 11, Ana - 9, Mitch - 5 (turned 6 two weeks after this photo was taken), and Cohen - 3.

Ok. I wanted to get a picture of the four of us from a few years ago. I searched and searched and I'm guessing that all the group pictures are stored away at my parents house somewhere. This is the only one I could find. We've changed a bit since then!

I'm guessing this picture was taken in 1989?? (Please excuse the quality, it's a scanned copy of a wallet size photo).

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