Saturday, December 31, 2011

How high can you jump?

For Christmas, Jace's parents gave Cohen a trampoline. Of course, poor kid had to wait until we got home and put it together to play on it. When we got home later that day, Cohen and I took nice long naps, while Jace put together the new toy.

It was getting dark when we finally woke up, so we jumped for a few minutes then came inside. I was busy jumping and only took a picture of the finished product.

The next day, some of Cohen's friends, Stella and Cille, came to play for a while and they got to enjoy the new trampoline.

Of course, the trampoline was lots of fun....but as mentioned in an earlier really do love the simple things in life...such as a cardboard box.

The very next day, Ethan, Aaron and Molly came by to say hi. Cohen immediately told them about the trampoline, and the 4 of them went straight to the backyard and played. Aaron and Cohen had a wrestling match in the trampoline, and Ethan helped build a nice fort with the boxes and the dog house. They all had lots of fun! I know we will make lots more fun memories on the new trampoline.

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