Thursday, December 15, 2011

How was Cohen's first race?

As you know, Jace and I like to run/bike/swim/whatever. We were thrilled to learn that there was a fun 1/2 mile race in New Orleans called the Reindeer Run and Romp and Egg Nog Jog. We signed up Cohen (and ourselves...mostly for the shirt).

Cohen was very excited about his first race. He kept reminding us that we were supposed to cheer for him and tell him to "stop" when he made it to the finish line.

Here he is...race number pinned on and ready to go!


He makes the craziest faces! This is his "I'm really focused on finishing this race" face.

We met up with some of our good friends, the Safley's, for this race.

Go Mattie Anne! I think Mattie Anne beat everyone (in our group anyway). She was fast! And didn't slow down or stop. That 1/2 mile was not nearly long enough for this distance runner.

Lyons had help from his grandma and dad. Go Lyons!

Go Evans!

Here we are finishing the race. Go Cohen!

Our finishing time: 8:35 (that's about a 17 min mile...not bad for a 3 year old).

Cohen getting his race metal.

Family pic in matching shirts.

They had face painting, music, and crafts for kids at the finish line. We made a tool box at the Home Depot booth.

Now for our son's TV debut. Fox News had a reporter on the scene of the race and she was asking if anyone would like to be interviewed. YES OF COURSE WE WOULD!!

To see the video GO HERE.

It was a great race! Check back tomorrow, because we actually did TWO races on this day. I'll post pictures from the second one tomorrow.

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