Monday, December 26, 2011

What is one of your Christmas traditions?

After reading my good friend Iris' blog on one of their Christmas traditions and I thought I would just steal the idea from her and do my own blog on it.

Each year, Jace and I have exchanged an ornament for our tree for Christmas. Many years, this has been the only gift we give each other (If you know me know how I am with gifts...I don't care much for them. I don't love to receive gifts. I'd rather you give them to someone who needs it.)

Here are all 8 of Jace's Christmas ornaments from me....

Not sure what started the penguin thing, but that's what he always gets. As you can see, the snow globe from 2003 is looking pretty sick. For those wondering, don't get snow globes if you want to keep it forever!

Now for mine...

As you can see, there are only 7. We are missing the one from 2003 (or maybe Jace didn't get me one that year and we actually didn't start this tradition until the second Christmas).

We have a few ornmanets from some of our favorite vacation spots (Biltmore Estate and Disney).

We've even passed the tradition on to Cohen. The rocking horse was actually purchased for him in Russia and we hung it on the tree the year we were waiting for him to come home. Every time I see that rocking horse I think of how tough that Christmas was for us, and then I remember how wonderful it is now that he's home.

The only tree in our home is our family tree, and that is where we proudly display these ornaments (along with many others that have been given to us over the years).

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