Friday, December 9, 2011

What starts with the letter K?

We had another fun week learning all about the letter "K."

We started off with Kindness. I love that this was included in our curriculum on the same week as the Monthly Online Writing Party for our Compassion child, and the Operation Christmas Child Shoebox drive was going on at our local church. This gave us lots of opportunities to learn about being kind to others.

We started off with writing a letter to Joanna. She is the little girl we sponsor through Compassion International. Cohen drew a picture for her, I wrote an uplifting letter, and we put it in an envelope, along with a family picture and stickers (I do this every time I write her just so she can have an idea of who we are).

After finishing our letter, we headed to the store to gather up goodies for our shoeboxes.

There were lots of teaching moments when we were at the store. I warned Cohen that we were only going to buy things for kids in other parts of the world that were not as blessed as him. Every time he picked up something in the store and said "Mommy, can I have this?" I had to remind him of our purpose. By the time we left, he was pulling candy off shelves saying "Mommy, I think those kids would like these."

Our next topic for discussion was Kitchen Safety. We learned all about the hazards that are in the kitchen and what to do with those hazards. Then we learned why it is important to have a clean kitchen. Cohen had an opportunity to help clean the kitchen.

Washing dishes....

Wiping off the counter....

Wiping off the table....

Then we had some fun painting with kitchen utensils.

I'm sorry, I didn't do such a great job keeping up with our books we read this week. They were due back at the library, and in an effort to not pay late fees on lots of books, I took them back without ever writing them down. Oh well, I'll do better with the letter "L".

We did read some Berenstain Bears when we were learning about kindness. If you didn't read that post, check it out here.

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