Monday, January 23, 2012

What did you do on Christmas Day?

Christmas day was super busy. Christmas fell on a Sunday this year, and our church did not cancel any of the services (due to the fact that Christmas is a celebration of Jesus' birthday...why not go to church and worship Him?). I'm happy they chose not to cancel. It gave us the chance to spend Christmas day with the people we consider our extended family.

In order to get everything done that day, we had to get up really early! Jace had to be at church around 7am, so that means opening presents and breakfast starts at 5am.

Cohen usually wakes up around 8am, so this is REALLY early for us. We don't have problems managing an early wake up time for race day, so why should it be any different on Jesus' birthday.

We are continuing with the tradition of Santa bringing only 3 gifts (want, body, spirit) to match with the gifts Jesus was given. Cohen's "want" for this year was a Mater Bubble Mower. I have no idea what made him want this particular toy so badly, but he did, so he got it.

We had to go outside to test it out!

The next gift Cohen opened was his gift for the "body." Santa brought him his first sleeping bag! I'm a terrible photographer, because if I was any good, I would have been positioned on the other side so you could see his big smile.

Next he moved on to his stocking (yes, he has more gifts to open, but we let him do whatever he wants).

For breakfast, Jace made homemade cinnamon rolls from scratch! They were VERY YUMMY!!

After eating, we all head to church. (Yes, for those still wondering, Cohen did not open all of his gifts. He opened 2. This just goes to show that you don't have to buy your kids hundreds of dollars worth of stuff I guess!).

When we got home from church, we let Lucy and Ella open their stockings. They both got some yummy treats!

Finally, Cohen opens his last gift from Santa. He got a VeggieTales Noah's Ark set (for the spirit).

For his ornament this year, we gave him a little red tricycle.

Then he finally opened our gift to him. He starts with the smaller gifts...and had no idea what it is.

 Still, no clue.

 Then he opens the big gift and figures it out....we got him a wii.

He was so excited, he jumped up to give Jace a hug.

And their heads totally collide! Too funny!!

After lunch, we celebrate Jesus' birthday with some brownies (to replace the burnt birthday cake). These brownies were AWFUL!! They weren't cooked all the way. I let Cohen add the sprinkles. Notice, he spread them out about as well as he did that reindeer food from the night before.

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