Saturday, January 21, 2012

What did you do on Christmas Eve?

Yes...I'm far from done with my Christmas posts. I'm going to do a little catching up today.

Christmas Eve was one of those days I remember vividly as a child. Jace does too. We both have wonderful memories of Christmas Eve celebrations as children. We both spent the evening before Christmas at our Grandparents home, with our cousins, aunts, uncles and many other family members and friends.

Years ago, we decided that we would like to spend Christmas morning at our own home. In order to do this, we can't really go to Cohen's grandparents homes the night before.

In an effort to make this a memorable day for Cohen, we had to create our own traditions. For several years now, we have begun our Christmas Eve celebrations by celebrating the real reason for Christmas. We meet with lots of our friends at our church to hear a Christmas message and take part in the candlelight service.

Last year we began the tradition of baking a birthday cake for Jesus.

You will not see any other pictures of that birthday cake. I burned it. It was bad. I was busy celebrating with our other traditions that I totally forgot I was baking a cake. A friend on facebook said "He's very forgiving...I think you're good." Thanks Micah for that reminder.

One of the traditions I always had as a child was popping fireworks the night before Christmas. We would build a fire near the driveway at my Grandparents house in Marion, LA and all the kids and most of the adults would sit around the fire and enjoy the fireworks. We built a fire in our chiminea.

This year, Cohen got to be more hands on with this than last year.

We also roasted marshmallows. I LOVE roasted marshmallows!! Cohen does too!!

Jace and Cohen made some yummy reindeer food. Cohen carefully sprinkled it in the yard.

We used some of the yummy cookies Missy gave us for Santa's treat. Cohen wrote his own name on the letter to Santa.

As you can see, at our house, Santa does not get a glass of milk. Nope. Cohen told us that Santa needs water to keep him healthy. Guess I say that a lot. Sorry Santa, you will have to enjoy your cookies with water.

Yes. Cohen thanked Santa for Jesus. I'm not sure he's getting the point here. I'm sure I can hear the comments now...."ooh, Jace and Emily are messing up that kid's Christian education." Maybe we are messing it up, but at least we are talking to him about Jesus during this time of year, and he understands that Jesus is the main reason for this holiday. Oh and HE'S 3! Get over it!

I allow Cohen to open one gift (that I select) just before going to bed on Christmas.

Shocking, I know. It's some cute pajamas!

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