Monday, January 9, 2012

What else did you make for Christmas (Part 2)?

Now for the fun gifts I made for Mrs. Jan and my mom.

I saw a different version of this on Pinterest and figured it would work great for Jace's mom, Mrs. Jan (aka. Nan). She loves to hang up pictures of her favorite grandchild (ok...I can only say this for a couple more months. That "favorite" thing won't work after that when there's some adorable competition. This family definitely needs more babies!).

Metal Clip
Spray adhesive
Spray paint

I started by spray painting the clip black. This is not necessary, if the silver metal clip matches your frame. Then I took the glass from the frame and sprayed it with the spray adhesive. I also sprayed the back of the cute fabric/paper (this is actually scrapbook paper that is like a stiff fabric...a little expensive, but totally worth it!). Put the paper on the glass and press down really well to make sure they stick to each other. I waited to cut the paper until after I attached it to the glass. The next step is to attach the clip to the frame. I just used some E6000 and it held really well.

Now for my mom's gift. I made her a chicken wire frame to hold some of her stuff at her house.

Chicken Wire
Staple gun

Cut wire to fit frame, then attach wire to frame with staples.

I also made some cute paper covered clothes pins and fabric flowers.

I'm hoping to make some of these for my Etsy shop, so if you are interested in purchasing one of these, please e-mail me at I can ship anywhere!

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  1. The chicken wire frame is adorable!
    What a great idea. Love the clothes pins.