Wednesday, January 4, 2012

What is in this box?

I know I should be posting some of my homeschool projects or something about our Christmas fun, but I'm skipping TODAY!

I follow Amanda from Every Creative Endeavor on Twitter and today she posted a blog about how she used labels to help her get organized. I was inspired! Our playroom has been a total disaster for weeks now, and I was so lost as to where to start. Who knew all I needed was a little label inspiration!

Now, my labels are not nearly as fancy as hers, and I still have some work to do, but here you go.

The first picture is of the storage unit I have in our playroom/office. I got it over a year ago from Ikea and I purchased the green and white bins at Ikea as well, although they are supposed to go in a different storage system, but I like this one better. They work.

Also, I should mention, my son has a collection of pvc pipes (a gift from Nan and Pops). Don't worry, he's not smoking anything!

I simply printed some labels using Microsoft Publisher and a fun font I found online at Miss Tina's Fonts. I just taped the labels to the bins, because I want to be able to change them as the stuff inside (and Cohen's interests) change.

I still have some work to do. I should have purchased more of the big white bins when I was at Ikea, because as Cohen gets bigger, so do his toys. As you can see, the two plastic baskets on the top of the storage unit are overflowing.

I have lots of future plans for this area. The space around the map is supposed to be covered with pictures from our adventures. I printed off a few when I first hung up the map, and then never printed anymore afterwards. I will fix that very soon. I've got pictures loaded into and I plan to print them with my next order.

So what do you think? Are you inspired by my labels? Ok, so maybe not, but visit Every Creative Endeavor and check out her labels.


  1. Your labels are great! Doesn't it feel good to have everything organized!!?? Way to go! And thank you so much for the shout out!!


  2. Love it and thanks for the inspiration! My favorite part of the playroom is his framed art work!! You're awesome!!