Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Did you celebrate Christmas with the Allen Family?

Now that it's February, I feel like I finally need to finish up all my Christmas posts.

We went to Farmerville to visit my family earlier in January. It was so much fun!!

My mom wanted to spread out the gift opening throughout the day (it ended up being a great idea, because the rest of the family got together prior to Christmas, so Cohen had quite a few gifts to open, and the other kids had already opened most of theirs).

Later that day, we went to visit my grandmother, Mama Ginnie. We sort of surprised her, and she told me not to take pictures of her. I thought she looked beautiful, but I obeyed and I'm only posting Cohen.

When we got back to my parents house, we let Cohen try out Meme and Big Al's latest toy for the grandkids, a BB gun. I was not overly thrilled about playing with this gun, but I also want Cohen to have a healthy respect for guns, and in order to do that he needs hands on experience. I made sure that Jace was right there with him anytime he was holding the gun. (I wish I had paid more attention to the position of the sun in these pictures, because you can totally see my shadow. Oh well.).

When Mitzi and Jamie arrived, Cohen knew it was time for fireworks! See, for a year now, everytime we talk about fireworks, Cohen always says that he needs to go back to Meme's house so he can pop fireworks with Uncle Jamie.

Please excuse the blurryness of these pictures. I want to show how beautiful these girls are, and these pictures just aren't doing anything good for me! Oh well. Maybe next time I can get some quick lessons from my SIL on how to do pictures in the dark!

If you remember from last year, my parents play a little scavenger hunt with the kids for them to find their first gift (an ornament).

 Here are a few more blurry pictures of Cohen finding his ornament. I'm thinking now that I must have accidentally switched to manual focus or something. I have a good camera, really. It's the photographer that's not very good.

Mitch was super excited when Cohen finally found his ornament.

Ok.Well this picture leads me to believe that I might not be the one responsible for these blurry pictures (that's me in the grey shirt). Hum.

 Each year, my mom has the older grandkids do a craft project for their aunts and mom. Mitch did mine this year, it's a cute bag with butterflies. I LOVE homemade gifts!!

Speaking of homemade gifts, here's my mom with her chicken wire frame.

Next, more fireworks!

To make up for some of the terrible pictures that appear earlier in this post, here are a few that just look cool. 

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