Thursday, February 2, 2012

How do you say "I love you"?

Ok. So my teacher friends, when you ask the question I did for the title of this blog (How do you say "I love you"?), does the question mark go inside the parenthesis or on the outside? I'm not asking if I love you, I'm asking how do you say it. Ugh. I have no idea, I'm going to just move right along to the real reason for this blog post and hope someone will comment and correct me if I'm wrong. Now, don't go back and correct my grammer in other posts, you only have permission for this one (as I'm sure that there are LOTS of mistakes all over this blog!).

You know, I love to send cards to Cohen's grandparents. Since we don't live near them, it's a nice way to kind of keep in touch. I had been racking my brain on some craft or cute card to do for them for weeks (yes, there was a lot of Pinterest searches on the topic), but I found nothing. Then one day, out of the blue, Jace's cousin, Katie, e-mailed me this link. I (along with Cohen's grandparents) will be forever grateful to her for her consideration when she saw this cute blog.

Now, as cute as those little cards are with the suckers attached to them, it would cost me a small fortune to send suckers in the mail (and then I can hear it now...Nan and Pops arguing over who actually gets to eat the sucker, since they would have only received one card and one sucker. Oh, and my parents, Meme and Big Al, they would never be able to share that one tiny little sucker, they would demand that they each get the sugary treat). So you can see why I needed to revise this cute little card a bit.

I decided to send a picture of Cohen, something that all the grandparents could share (and it's something they could add to their cute frames I gave them for Christmas).

So here it is...our Valentines Day Card.

I used Microsoft Publisher to make this image, and Instagram to edit the photo.

Would you like one of these cute images of your little darling to send to grandparents, friends, family, or whatever? E-mail me a picture of your kid wearing a mustache and their name. I'll edit the image and e-mail you a pdf or jpg for FREE! (If you want, I could also change the color a bit to match your kid's picture/outfit).

Below is a link to some cute mustache printable.


  1. So i'm not a teacher and i'm also not a grammar queen but i do seem to know the answer to your question (unless someone proves me wrong)regarding punctuation and quotes. If the quote is at the end of the sentence (as in your case) it goes within the quotation marks despite the fact that the punctuation has nothing to do with the quote. now, lets see if anyone proves me wrong!

  2. I love my funny little Valentine and I love the card, too.
    I usually beat Pops home, so I would get the sucker!!!!! Early bird gets the worm.

  3. so cute! I might have to make some mustaches for Matt and I!

  4. LOVE the Valentine's Day card!

    I always thought that the ? would go outside the quotation marks if the quote itself is not a question. Surely Jan can check with someone for us!!! Jan, let us know!!!

    Emily, I really enjoy keeping up with your sweet boy !