Friday, February 3, 2012

What can you get for 12.50?

Last weekend I decided to do a little garage sale shopping (in honor of my SIL who was having a sale herself, but it was too far away for me to make it there and return in time for another appointment we had). I invited my friend, Katie, to go along with me. We both got some really cool stuff! I'm going to share my finds.

My child actually prefers toys that are "broken in." His favorite toys are some hand-me-down tools and race car tracks we got from our neighbors. The new toys Santa brought him are fun, but lets be honest, he plays with the other "used" stuff way more than anything new.

While garage sale shopping, I was looking for some toys for him and this is what I found:

I got a Remote Control Mater, Buzz computer game, and a Buzz spaceship tent.

The Remote Control Mater retails for $42.45 on Amazon this week. The one we got works great, except the back is missing from the remote control (nothing a little duck tape won't fix).

The Buzz computer game retails for $24.96 on Amazon this week. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this game (except there are the remains of a garage sale sticker stuck to the top). It works perfectly! It actually came with working batteries, another plus!!

I couldn't find the Buzz spaceship tent online, but similar tents are going for $25-30.

So the retail total for all of this would be about $97.41 and I got it all for $12.50. Now how's that for a bargain? Doesn't matter how many coupons I could clip, it would never add up to a savings like that on popular toys my kid loves.

Next time you have some free time early on a Saturday morning, go find you some fun garage sales to shop. The Duggers always say "buy used, save the difference." I'm really liking the sound of that!

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  1. Awesome deals. I LOVE garage saleing(sp?), but no one ever wants to go with me. I just love the thrill of a good deal. I have a feeling we will be seeing more of Cohen in that tent on the blog.