Tuesday, February 7, 2012

What starts with the letter O?

Learning about the letter O was lots of fun!!

We spent most of the week learning about Opposites. This is one of those things you just know, but to teach it to a 3 year old is a bit of a challenge. I kept asking things like "what's the opposite of cold?" and Cohen would give me the definition of cold by saying, "that's when you have to wear your jacket" or something like that.

We did several hands-on activities for opposites, but I didn't take pictures of all of them. Here is a couple of pictures I did take of us sorting things that were hard and soft. In the first pictures, you see Cohen "knocking" on a bandanna to see if it is hard.

We did a few worksheets this week as well. I took pictures of him doing his Dot-A-Dot page. We love to use our bingo markers to make fun letters.

Cohen has been practicing for a few months with his sissors. He's getting MUCH better. After our first experience with sissors, I was ready to totally give up. We both got so fusterated trying to get him to hold them correctly (and I'm right handed, he's left handed...so that even adds more confusion). After weeks of practice, things are getting better!

We also did some winter snowman worksheets. I was waiting to do the winter unit when it was cold, but I don't think it is ever going to get really cold.

Cohen put together a snowman puzzle. (And you can see where he wrote his letter "O.")

Reading list:

A Garden of Opposites by Nancy Davis
Maisy Big, Maisy Small by Lucy Cousins
Mr. and Mrs. Opposite by Sylvia Root Tester
Contrary Mary (Giggle Club) by Anita Jeram
Exactly the Opposite by Tana Hoban
Winnie-the-Pooh's Opposites by A. A. Milne
Paddington's Opposites (Picture Puffins) by Michael Bond
George Shrinks (Reading Rainbow) by William Joyce

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