Saturday, February 18, 2012

Would you like to hear about the Raney vacation? (Part 1)

I am WAY BEHIND on posting about the Raney vacation. I was working on my Christmas Shutterfly book and noticed that none of our vacation was on the blog. Oops. Well here ya go.

We left on December 26, 2011 and headed up to Hendersonville, NC. It was a long drive, but Cohen does really well in the car, so no problems there.

When we were about halfway there, we pulled out the DVD player. Not for Cohen's entertainment, but for Jace and I to have a small break from the constant chatter. He watched The Grinch (the one with Jim Carey). It's probably too scary for kids his age, but oh well. I have to brag on my Cohen for just a minute. We drove for about 12-13 hours, and he watched 1 movie and slept for maybe an hour. The rest of the time he was talking to himself, Hugsy, Jace or me. Like I said earlier, he does great in the car.

A little later on the trip, we got really bored and Cohen decided to eat his foot. Yum.

We stayed at this cute little cabin in Hendersonville. It was newly renovated, so it still smelled of new paint and wood. It really worked well for what we needed.

After all that riding and driving, Cohen, Hugsy and Jace were ready to sit and watch some football.

May I brag on my child again? Ok, thanks. Not only does he do great in the car, he went to bed with no problems. I always wonder how he will do in a strange house, strange bed, strange town, but he always does so great! We put him in the room across the hall from ours, and he was really excited about sleeping in the new bed. Within minutes, he was OUT!

The first day of our little vacation was lots of fun!

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