Monday, February 20, 2012

Would you like to hear about the Raney vacation? (Part 2)

On the next day of our vacation, we drove down to Greenville, SC. Our first stop was a local museum that had a REAL Faberge egg on display. For those that don't know, READ HERE for more info on Faberge Eggs, or go here to see our attempt at making a Faberge Egg. These are really special eggs, that were made in Russia many years ago. 

This is a picture of the egg we were able to see in person (you are not allowed to take pictures of the egg, so this is just a picture found on the internet somewhere).

Here is Cohen about to go into the museum. For more information about this wonderful museum CLICK HERE. We actually sort of stumbled across this museum. On our drive into Greenville, I saw a billboard for a Russian exhibit at one of the local museums. We decided if it was reasonably priced, we'd go. I'm so glad I saw that billboard. This museum was a really special stop for us since Cohen spent the first 20 months of his life living in Russia.

After looking at the beautiful egg and all the other really old Russian artwork, we headed upstairs to the childrens section of the museum which taught us all sorts of wonderful things about Russian culture and art.

Here, Cohen is posing with two Russian children. Notice, in the bubble, they are also speaking Russian.

Here is the Russian Alphabet.

They had masks and a stage/castle. We played for a long time here. At the top of the castle was a bookshelf with books about Russia and some old Russian folk tales. FUN!

In this scene, they are acting out the Billy Goats Gruff. Cohen is the mean troll, and Jace is the biggest Billy Goat.

In addition to all of this that you see, there was a place you could watch a video about Russia, make filagree bowls, and learn lots, lots more.

After all that fun at the museum, we headed over to the library (right next door) and changed clothes in their bathroom. We had a friend getting married that day in Greenville, SC, so after changing clothes, we rushed over to the wedding. We made it just in time...whew.

After the wedding, we changed back into our play clothes, and headed over to Falls Park to walk across the Liberty Bridge, a unique suspension bridge.

Our son, Cohen, is afraid of heights. I don't know that I have ever met a child that is this terrified of heights. It just seems strange to me, because I don't have this fear at all. Here I am holding him on the Liberty Bridge. Look how scared he is!

Here's a picture of the actual falls. Of course, they are much more beautiful in person, but this picture will have to do for now.

After walking across the bridge a few times, Cohen got over some of his height issues.

We also walked through the park. It was a perfect day for going for a walk!

 We ate dinner at this very yummy place called Smoke on the Water, then headed home. It was a long and very fun day.

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