Thursday, February 23, 2012

Would you like to hear about the Raney Vacation? (Part 4)

On the forth day of our vacation we finally made it to Biltmore Estate.

We took pictures in front of the house.

Cohen took our picture…he did a good job getting the house in the shot and us in the center.

2011 12 29_0300_edited-1

These boys are so silly!!

2011 12 29_0306

2011 12 29_0314_edited-1

We came to Biltmore a few years ago and took pictures in this exact spot. This time, we made sure Cohen made it in the pictures. As mentioned in an earlier post, he’s afraid of heights, so he wouldn’t let us hold him up to get a shot of the mountains in the background.

2011 12 29_0320
2011 12 29_0324

Cohen took our picture…I love this angle, no mountains at all. Oh well. At least he didn’t cut our heads off or something like that.

2011 12 29_0326

2011 12 29_0328
2011 12 29_03422011 12 29_0370_edited-1

2011 12 29_0378



You are not allowed to take pictures inside the house, but as always, it was beautiful. They had it decorated for Christmas. Cohen did great in the house. We got him a set of headphones with the story of Biltmore and he rode Jace’s shoulders and listened to the recording.

We did the wine tour, because we love science and there is lots of science that goes into making wine. Jesus really did perform quite a miracle when he turned water into wine.

Cohen was the only person who got to taste anything after the tour. He had some sparkling grape juice and LOVED IT!

And one of my favorite pictures of the house.

2011 12 29_0404

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