Saturday, March 31, 2012

Did you clean your room?

Isn’t it funny how our kids really pick up on some of our characteristics? I’m not a super clean person. My mother, sisters, husband, college roommate, and Cohen can all attest to this. I would love a clean house, and there was a time when I had one. Now days, I’m just happy if I’m not tripping over toys all day.

Earlier today, I decided I wanted to vacuum the bedrooms. Cohen asked if he could help…and of course I let him. In reality, there should be an order to things prior to vacuuming…such as, clean room, then vacuum. So I told Cohen to go clean his room so that he could vacuum. What does he do?

Just put it on top of the bed and the rocking chair and under the bed.


Today, I’m cool with that. I wasn’t planning on doing serious spring cleaning, I was just trying to vacuum. And I’m super happy he wanted to help, so I’m not going to criticize his cleaning style.

Way to go Cohen!

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