Saturday, April 28, 2012

Are there any other leftover craft fair items for sale?

Yes. I have several magnet sets and a couple necklaces from the fair that I did not sell.

They are all in packages, so the pictures are not great. I did my best to get a few shots so that you can see the detail. Please excuse these terrible pictures. This is not all I have left either. If you want a particular color, please let me know. I probably have that color!

The magnets are 1” in diameter, come in sets of 2 (handmade so no 2 sets are identical…but some are very similar). These are $2.50 for a set of 2 and it will cost you $.50 to ship them (and it’s $.50 to ship 1 set or 5 sets).

IMG_2830 w C

I also have a couple of these really cute chalkboard necklaces. These are about 1” in diameter and come with a 24” ball chain necklace (this can be cut so that it is shorter if you wish). I’ll throw in a piece of chalk as well! These are really cute for teacher gifts, but they would also work for your best friend. I put my initial on it, or a snowflake during the winter.  Again, please excuse the pictures…it was in the package for the Craft Fair. I’m selling these for $5 and it will cost you $.50 to ship 1 necklace or 5 necklaces.

IMG_2836 w C

Please feel free to e-mail me at if you have any questions about colors, quantity or whatever!

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