Monday, April 23, 2012

Are you a triathlete?

I am! On April 15, I finished my 3rd triathlon and LOVED IT! This is the second time I have done a RocketChix Race and it was a wonderful experience both times. Click here to see my first RocketChix race.

This time the distances were shorter than usual because of some construction along the bike path. It was a 250 meter swim, 6 mile bike and 1.5 mile run.

My race finish time was not great. I did not train that much and by the time I was running, I knew I should have spent more time training. I felt awful.

But I finished.

And placed 3rd in my age group (which included 16 ladies total)…which means I won a RocketChix wash cloth! RocketChix separates the Road bikes and “fat tire” bikes into two groups…I was racing on my mountain bike, so I was in the Fat Tire division. I placed 7th overall in the Fat Tire division (total of 77 ladies racing the fat tire group). I’ve never won a race. It’s a great feeling to finally win something!


I talked my good friend, Katie, into running this race with me. She did great!


The next RocketChix is in July, but I think I might be out of town the weekend they are doing it, so I may not make it. If you are looking for a triathlon to do as your first, this one would be perfect. It is ladies only, and very relaxed and supportive. The swim/bike/run is on the LSU campus and River Road.

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