Friday, April 6, 2012

Did you hunt for any eggs?

Cohen had several Easter egg hunts this year. Most of them were a lot of fun (there was that one egg hunt, the one with the melt down, then the tossing of basket and eggs, then the removal of child from playground where eggs were hidden, taking child to van, eggless, and promptly starting naptime an hour early when we arrived home…but that’s not the egg hunt we are going to talk about today).

We started with a fun Egg hunt at our church First Baptist Church, Laplace. Evidentially we did not take pictures at this egg hunt. (Or maybe Jace did and they are all hidden on his phone, never appearing on the cloud).

Anyway, the next egg hunt was at WeeCare (this may be the egg hunt that ended in a nap).

I did manage to get a few pictures at that egg hunt.

His teacher had a few eggs set aside for him to dye.


The Easter bunny came to visit.


Here they are, lined up and ready to hunt some eggs.


Such cute kids!

Now for the real reason for this post. On Good Friday, Cohen and I did our own little egg hunt. Last year, Nan and Pops gave us a set of Resurrection Eggs. Basically what these are is 12 colorful plastic eggs filled with items to help you tell the REAL story of Easter.

Resurrection Eggs®

Cohen LOVED them. (Last year he didn’t really get it, but this year, he was all interested). I read a verse of scripture, he opened an egg, then together we discussed the item's significance. He definitely walked away from this lesson with a greater understanding of the REAL meaning of Easter.

This set of eggs comes with a booklet that has the verses and questions and story. It’s wonderful. It even has a section on how to lead a child to Christ. Cohen is a little young to understand all of that, but it didn’t stop me from sharing my faith with him.

Now, I know, these are a little pricy. I believe they are worth the cost (durable egg holder, metal objects inside eggs=super durable), but if you want to, you could easily make your own! Get crafty!
This site has a video, and you use printouts of each picture…super cheap way to share the story.
This website actually gives you a list of items you could put inside your eggs…most of these items you have laying around your house.

This would make a great addition to your child’s Easter basket, and it’s something you can share year after year!!

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