Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Who did you invite to school?

As you know, Cohen attends WeeCare once a week. Earlier last month, they celebrated Grandparents Day, and invited all the grandparents to come for lunch and a little performance.

Cohen is super blessed to have lots of grandparents willing to make the drive all the way to Laplace (in a terrible thunderstorm).

Here are a couple of shots my mom took during the performance.

Grandparents Day 2012 03 21

Grandparents Day 2012 03 21 002

Ok. Now I’m going to do something super illegal, but I’m hoping I can just request forgiveness rather than ask permission. I’m posting the professional shots of Cohen and his grandparents. The were taken by a wonderful photographer (and a dear friend). Excuse the poor scanning quality, I guess I need to clean the scanner.
Cohen with Nan and Pops (Jace’s parents).


Cohen with Meme and Bigubal (my parents).

img003 (2)

I’m so happy they all made it!

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