Sunday, April 1, 2012

Who do you want to meet?

It’s not secret that Cohen is a HUGE fan of VeggieTales. I love them too, so when I found out they were coming to the north shore, I got online right away and purchased tickets for the show. Not just regular tickets, I went ahead and sprung for the VIP tickets. I’m glad I did.

We ended up with FRONT ROW SEATS!


Jace and I decided not to tell Cohen that we were going to go see Bob and Larry. When we arrived at the church, and got in line, Cohen looked inside and saw a sign that said “VeggieTales.” He knew exactly what was going on at that point and began dancing and singing in line.

Once inside, I offered to get him a toy or t-shirt, he refused, he just wanted to meet Bob and Larry.

He sat real still during the show, and watched very closely. Other kids got up and danced, but not Cohen, he was just in awe of Bob and Larry.

2012 03 29_VeggieTalesLive_0002

When they played “God is Bigger,” I think Cohen must have thought the monsters were going to come out and get him. He grabbed our hands and held them tight. He also used our hands to cover his ears when it got dark. I do love this boy!

2012 03 29_VeggieTalesLive_0008

After the performance, he got to meet Bob and Larry!

2012 03 29_VeggieTalesLive_0015

As we were walking out, he said “They grew legs.” He’s a smart boy.

On the way out, he asked if we could invite Bob and Larry to our house. I’d love to have Bob and Larry come play so I agreed. I told Cohen we could write a letter to them and invite them over to our house. He was just about asleep when we got home, so we decided to write our letter the next day.

Here is the pictures Cohen drew for Bob and Larry.

Larry…(and a tiny Bob in the back).


Bob…(with legs).


And his letter…in his exact words.


I hope they will come visit one day.

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  1. What a wonderful show for him to see!! I love how zoned in he is!!Great attention span.
    Hope Bob and Larry come to visit.
    We'll be on the lookout for Bob and Larry costumes!!!!