Saturday, May 5, 2012

How did you make that cute magnet board?

I wanted to give you some instructions on how to make the magnet board. I’d love for you to purchase one of mine, but I know all my readers love doing crafts, so I’m going to share this fun project.

Materials Needed:
12” Pizza Pan (I got mine from Wal-Mart)
Scrapbook paper
Spray Adhesive (I use 3M General Purpose 45)
Mod Podge

Use your pizza tray as a guide and cut out a circle of scrapbook paper to fit in the middle of the tray. I wanted mine to be close to perfect, so I pulled out a compass, measured the radius, drew a circle on the back of an ugly piece of scrapbook paper and used that as my stencil or guide for cutting the pretty paper.

Once you get the paper cut, spray the back of the paper (don’t spray the pizza pan…just the paper) with the spray adhesive. Stick it to the pizza pan. With the 3M stuff, I was able to move it around a bit if I placed it wrong at first.


Now, you could easily leave them just like that…and move on to cutting a hole in it, but I wanted mine to be protected and a little more durable, so I covered it in Mod Podge.


I used a sponge brush to spread it out. I find that if you use a BIG sponge brush it works best and you don’t get little globs of Mod Podge left behind. Also, once you are done spreading it, get a scraper (like those little things you get with your Pampered Chef Stoneware baker) and spread out the paper. Even though you sprayed the paper to the pan, it can wrinkle in places. Smooth it out with your scraper.

The mod podge dries clear, but creates a protective coat so that the paper doesn’t tear or get messed up by moving around the magnets later.

After you let that dry for a long time, you will want to drill a hole in the top for  your ribbon. I used my Dremel tool for drilling, but you could also use your drill. Make sure to wear protective glasses because those tiny pieces of metal could accidentally land in your eye. That would not be good.

After you cut the hole, check to make sure that it is not dangerously sharp. When I used my drill, it created a sharp edge. I found that when I used the Dremel, it did not. If it creates a sharp edge, use some sandpaper and sand it down a bit.

And there you have it…a cute magnet board!


I am selling a few of these in my Etsy shop, so go on over and take a look. I’d also be happy to make something custom just for you, if you are interested. Just e-mail me at and let me know what you need.

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