Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Are you ready for some angry pictures?

Ok. So no angry pictures here, for real, because the party was just so much fun.

Ah, the return of Cohen’s Kid wash. It was so much fun last year, we just had to bring it back.

2012 06 16_0010

2012 06 16_0061

2012 06 16_0062

Nan and Pops got the Angry Bird shirt memo. I’m glad, they looked super cute wearing the birds!

2012 06 16_0034

Here are the Allen girls. I’m always super excited when any of my family comes to visit. It’s a long 5 hour drive to my house, but they did it just for Cohen’s party. (L to R: Emily, Joani, Mom, Mitzi).

2012 06 16_0132

Abbah got the angry bird shirt memo too!! Doesn’t she look adorable. Of course, Aunt Carla and Uncle John look super adorable too!

2012 06 16_0133

Check out this little cutie in her angry bird shirt. Brue is the newest member of our extended family, and she fits in just fine!

2012 06 16_0679_edited-1

While they may not be sporting bird shirts, this is one adorable little family. Brian, Katie, Katherine and Grant had a great time at the party. Look at those happy faces!

2012 06 16_0386

We got a different slide this year, and it was so much fun! Here is a picture of Cohen by the slide.

2012 06 16_0053

Really, everyone loved the slide.

2012 06 16_0155

2012 06 16_0627_edited-1

2012 06 16_0637

2012 06 16_0670

2012 06 16_0674

So from those pictures, I obviously loved the slide. :)

The kids went from the slide to the kid wash and back again. Here are a few pictures of the kids in the kid wash.

2012 06 16_0180_edited-1

2012 06 16_0207

2012 06 16_0208

2012 06 16_0614_edited-1

I’ll have more for you tomorrow. Way to much fun to cram into one blog post.

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