Thursday, July 5, 2012

Can he swim?

In March, we signed Cohen up for swim lessons. He did great. Last year he cried everyday. This year was much different. He was eager to learn.

This video was taken in April, after he finished all his swim lessons.

I took this video yesterday. He’s much more confident in the water. If you will notice, I actually got out of the water to shoot the video. He really doesn’t need my help at all.  Make sure you catch the very first of this video. He jumped so fast I almost missed the CANNONBALL!

It’s kind of like when he was learning to ride his bike…I knew he was good when he started doing tricks! He loves to swim, and I like to hang out by the pool, so this works great for both of us. Here are a few pictures of us at the pool this summer.



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  1. Love the confidence!! So glad he has learned to swim!