Monday, July 23, 2012

Can you believe he’s 4 years old?

Well, way back in June, my little boy turned 4. Since his actual birthday fell on a Monday this year, we celebrated, just the two of us, for most of the day.

Cohen and I have a little tradition, where every now and then, for really special days, we have what we call a “Yes Day!” A “Yes Day” is a day where when Cohen asks for something, I just say “yes.” (Of course, it can’t be anything dangerous, but he’s a great kid and he didn’t ask for anything to bad.)

His first request was a chocolate muffin for breakfast. Cohen LOVES to make muffins. He’s so good at it! (Notice my Celebrate Plate!). An Allen Family Tradition is to have a candle in the first meal of the day on your birthday. Cohen managed to stretch this out so that he had a candle in every meal for the day.


He wanted to eat his muffin, in his play room, while watching a movie. Of course, I said “yes.”



How old are you today?


Mac and Cheese and crackers for lunch? Yes, of course. And with a candle, yes!



Jace and I got him a hulk action figure for his birthday. He’s really into the Avengers right now, and Hulk is his favorite (probably because he can relate to him the best…this boy acts just like the Hulk sometimes).


It’s not a birthday if there’s no cake, so when Jace got home later that night, he made Cohen a little cake.


“Mom, can I eat my cake?”
“Yes, of course dear.”
And so he did! Face first, the way every 4 year old should eat cake!


It was a wonderful birthday. I can’t wait to celebrate many, many more with this amazing kid!

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