Friday, August 17, 2012

How do you know when you are in Haiti?


While we were in Haiti, Madison and I (and lots of our friends contributed), made a list of ways you know that you are in Haiti. So here goes…


You know you are in Haiti when…

your tan lines wash off in the shower.

chocolate turns to mush.

dinosaurs still live in Haiti.

after a shower, you are never really dry.

your bad hair days are taken to a whole new level, but you don’t really know it because there are no mirrors.

everyone around you smells fresh (or it smells like they want to be alone).

there are no speed limits, no stop signs, no lines on the roads, and everyone honks their horn.

you see a lady in her Sunday best riding a donkey.

you see 30 people get off a tap-tap (Haitian taxi) to watch a soccer game.

goats play soccer.

there is a rule for holding children…they must be wearing underwear.

a smile is all you need to communicate with the children.

you are super excited to get an extra fan in your bedroom.

you are just as sweaty after your shower as you were before the shower.

you prefer to shower outside.

everyone thinks David is Jackie Chan, and they do their best kung-fu moves for him.

the coke is REAL!

you are never regular.

the word fresh can replace any dirty word.

the mall closes down because of a rain storm (the mall is a term we used for the outdoor market).

the security system at the homes is a bunch of broken bottles cemented into the top of the concrete wall around the house.

a line of cactus serves as a fence around your property.

you know the generator has shut off in the middle of the night because you can hear Jack snoring.

you know, when it’s yellow, let it mellow, if it’s brown, flush it down.

your toothpaste melts.

the ocean is much cleaner than the pool.



To all my Haiti travel buddies, if you can think of others, please leave them in the comments!!

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