Thursday, August 16, 2012

What did the boys do while you were in Haiti?


As many of you know, I’m a stay at home mom. We don’t really get vacations. In order for me to take a week off and go to Haiti, I had to have someone really skilled, competent and loving to take my place at home with Cohen for a week. As I’m sure you are aware, this is not an easy position to fill. Who is worthy? Well, Cohen’s father of course!


I have a wonderful husband, who supports me in everything I do. He knew it would be lots of trouble to try to get someone to work around his work schedule and stay at our home to watch Cohen, so he decided that he would just do it himself. He took a week off of work, and stayed home with Cohen. He’s mentioned several times before this week at home with Cohen that he doesn’t understand how I can stay with him all day everyday. After a week at home with Cohen, he now says “I can totally see how you do it.” He loved every minute, as I’m sure Cohen did too.


Here are a few pictures of their fun together.


Breakfast. I don’t love to cook, so breakfast is not usually a cooked meal when I’m home. With Jace, it’s something fancy!



The boys had lunch (or maybe dinner) at Taco Bell, because they can’t go there with me, because I strongly dislike that food.




One day they went fishing with Nan and Pops. This is the only picture I have of that experience. Looks like the fishing was real good in the front yard. (I have some printed pictures, so if you live nearby and want to see the printed pictures from Nan’s camera, please stop by…I’d love to show them off).




Another meal that must be eaten when Mom is out of the country…hot dogs. I despise hot dogs, but the boys love them.








All that fun with Daddy is really exhausting. So exhausting that Cohen couldn’t even make it all the way on the couch before falling asleep.




I missed my boys more than ever, but I’m so happy that they had a week all to themselves. Daddy’s and kids need that every now and then.

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