Wednesday, September 12, 2012

What is there to do in Farmerville?


A couple weeks after I returned from Haiti, Cohen and I took a trip to visit my parents in Farmerville, Louisiana. This is a small town located about 30 miles north of Monroe.


The first weekend we were there, Cohen participated in the Watermelon Festival Bike Race. He LOVES to ride his bike, so anytime there is a race, and he’s old enough to be registered, we are all for it! He ended up winning 2nd place for the 2-4 year olds! I’m so proud of him!!








One day while we were there, we took his bike and swim suit and headed to Lincoln Parish Park. They have a nice concrete path around the small pond, where he biked and I ran. Then afterwards, we changed into our swimsuits and went swimming in the pond.




Anytime we visit my parents, we must take the Ranger out to feed the deer. Here is Cohen and Rose (my parents dog) riding through the woods, feeding the deer.




While we were visiting, we also had to start school. I couldn’t wait another week, and this also gave us something fun and productive to do during the day.




The entire family got together one night to celebrate my mom’s birthday. It was a special treat for Greg to play some popular pop songs on the guitar. Too much fun!




We managed to eat at Chick-fil-a twice in one day! While we were there, the big “Eat Chick-fil-a and support their decision to take a stand against gay marriage” day took place while we were there. In order to work off some of those calories, we went to climb and play at a local park.




One of our favorite things we did was visit the Chennault Aviation and Military Museum of Louisiana. If you live near Monroe, this is a must see! It’s FREE and very educational.




The first thing when you walk in, is a big map with pins from all the people who have ever visited. Cohen got to put a pin in the map for Vladivostok, Russia.




He was not the first visitor from Vladivostok, so we just put our yellow pin right next to theirs.




Because most of the stuff in the museum is WAY OVER Cohen’s head, we played a game. I would say “find a flag” and Cohen would walk up and down the aisles of the museum looking for a flag. Then once he found it, we would read the story about it. We found flags, tanks, guns, jackets, helmets, boats, etc.










There is a wing of the museum named after my great uncle, Dan Pardue. He was my grandmother’s brother.




Here is a picture of him.




And a note from my great-grandmother informing him of the capture of his brother Roy. It was heartbreaking to read this, but I’m also very grateful that this letter and his memory can be passed on to other generations.




After our tour, there was a box of uniforms and helmets for Cohen to wear. He had loads of fun putting it all on and walking around in it. I had no idea how heavy some of that gear is. I’m even more impressed with our service men and women now.



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