Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Do you know what a preposition is?

Whew. I feel like the last few weeks have flown by so fast! Between school, vacations, and life in general, I haven’t stopped long enough to post anything.

I want to give you a little taste of what we have been learning the last few weeks. As I mentioned before, we are doing Classical Conversations this year. This particular curriculum is very heavy in memorization. Cohen is required to memorize a sentence or list for each of the following subjects: History, Science, English, Latin, Math, and Geography. He's also learning a Timeline that covers Creation to Current Events.

Last week was week 5 for this curriculum (we had to take a week off for the hurricane, so we are a little behind), but I wanted to share what he has memorized so far.

In English, we are learning our prepositions, so the video starts off with him explaining what a preposition is, then he lists the ones we have learned so far. The next thing on the video is Science. We have learned the Classification of Living Things, the 5 Kingdoms of Living Things, Parts of a Plant and Animal Cell, and the Major groups of Invertebrates.

Now, before you watch the video and think “how can he really know all this stuff” I want to remind you that it is memorization. Yes, you can teach a 4 year old to memorize just about anything! They memorize nursery rhymes, songs, memory verses in Awana, so yes, they can memorize History, Science and Math facts! Now if you ask him to use a preposition in a sentence, or to explain how the kingdoms are divided, he can’t answer that. We’ve read books about the different Science and History facts we are learning, but he is not old enough to understand what they really mean. I know this. This is how we teach Classically. I’m not requiring that he understand everything he’s memorizing. One day he will understand it, and isn’t it great that when he begins to really understand how to classify living things, he’s not trying to memorize the different kingdoms?

If you want more information about the Classical style of learning, please check out The Well-Trained Mind: A Guide to Classical Education at Home (Third Edition) by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise. This is an excellent resource!

Now for the video…

Maybe next week I can get him saying his History or Timeline information. It really is very impressive how much a kid can remember if you just challenge them to do the work! And I must say, it is equally impressive how much this Momma is learning from teaching her little boy!


  1. YEA!! Been missing your "journal". The video is priceless!!

  2. Nan is anonymous!! Sorry!! I hit publish before I signed my name!!!