Monday, November 12, 2012

Are you looking for some cute Thanksgiving art?


I have been trying to come up with ideas for some wall art for the different holidays. I purchased some canvases from Walmart and started on my Christmas art first. I’ll show pics of that later, because I’m not in love with it yet. I think I can improve it some. I am finished with my Thanksgiving art!


Check out the finished product…




I am planning on putting it on the mantle with some other decorations…but for now, it is proudly displayed on an easel on my dining room table.


All you need is a canvas, some really cute scrapbook paper, scissors, and mod podge.


The first thing I did was trace my adorable son’s hand and arm. I decided to do his right hand 3 times, but you could get creative with this. If you have more than one child, maybe do each of their hands. Or you could do it just once, portrait orientation and more leaves. Get creative!




I laid the hands on the canvas and sort of traced around the hands. This way, I would know where the leaves needed to go.




I used LOTS of mod podge!! I covered the canvas with the stuff, positioned the leaves (I should have mentioned that I cut these free hand…I did not have a pattern to follow, but you could easily google leaf pattern if you want) and then put the hands on it.




I let it dry and coated it again.




The final touch was the words “thankful” at the top. I printed out the words in a font I really liked, then used this trick I found on pinterest. All you have to do is cover the back of the paper in chalk. I used yellow chalk, since I was transferring it to a white canvas.






If you look really, really, really close, you can see the yellow chalk transferred on the canvas.






Then I took a brown paint marker and painted the words on the canvas. You could easily do this free hand if you have talent. Ask my Sister-In-Law about my artistic abilities when it comes to writing things on paper. There is no talent. I needed the help of text, chalk and a paint marker.


And once again, the finished product…






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  1. ADORABLE!!! Can't wait to see the Christmas one

  2. Loce! Love! Love it!! Looks like a wonderful gift for grandparents!?!