Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Have you packed your box?


If you don’t know what Operation Christmas Child is, the please click on the picture below for more information.


Operation Christmas Child


Each year, the Raney family donates several boxes to this amazing organization. Last year we even followed our box online. It was given to a child in Madagascar. How fun is that!!


We went shopping this week for all the fun stuff to fill our boxes. We included candy, toys, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, pens, markers, notepads, and a family picture. I love doing this each year! It is a fun way to give to those less fortunate.


Being a homeschool mom, I also used this as a teaching opportunity. We went to the store, collected everything we needed, and Cohen dumped all the items on the floor and I instructed him to sort them by the following categories: candy, hygiene products (I explained what that meant), toys, and writing utensils and notepads. He did an amazing job of opening all the packages, sorting them by type, and laying them out so he could clearly see everything we had purchased.




He loaded each basket, with NO HELP FROM MOM!! (He kept reminding me over and over again that he was in charge). I’m so happy he was really into this project. I’m also hoping that he’s learning that it is very important to give to those that are less fortunate. God has blessed us with so many wonderful things, and we can certainly give back a portion.





If you are looking for a really neat way to give a little back, and involve your kids, please consider doing a shoebox for Operation Christmas Child.


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  1. What a wonderful way to help children develop a giving heart! This helps children become caring adults!!