Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Why can’t we have cookies?


Cohen and I LOVE to read. I especially love books that teach us something.


In this book by Paeony Lewis, a little girl gets super creative in ways to ask her mom for cookies. Each time, her mom tells her she can’t have any more cookies. I love that this mother is strong in her decision, no matter how funny the little girl’s attempts are.

Source: amazon.com via Emily on Pinterest



At the end of the book, her mom makes “Magic Monkey Bars” for her stuffed monkey. After reading this book, Cohen and I headed straight to the store to pickup stuff for our own Magic Monkey Bars.






Popsicle stick (I didn’t have any of these, so I used a kabab skewer).







Basically all you do is melt the chocolate, dip the banana in the chocolate and sprinkle the top with fun sprinkles. Put in freezer for an hour (or more), then enjoy!


Cohen loved them!! Jace did too.

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