Thursday, December 27, 2012

Who is the best big brother around?

Big news for the Raney family! If you don’t follow me on Facebook or twitter, this is news to you.



Adoption Announcement for Grandparents

Jace, Cohen and I are super excited.

Cohen may be the most excited of all of us. Just look at that face!


Jace and I have been praying about the timing for our second child ever since we came home with Cohen in March 2010. We knew we were going to adopt again, just didn’t know when. We have always sought God’s guidance when it came to the timing of our second adoption.

I think it is so funny how God speaks to us. He’s so creative and He knows exactly how to get us to listen (because He knows us better than anyone else).

Jace and I made the decision to begin the adoption process in January 2013. I was sort of giving myself and God a timeline. I did this before, and He laughed at me, I’m sure. I love schedules, so this was my way of controlling the situation.

On October 14, Cohen drew this picture in Awana. Now let me remind you, Jace and I had not mentioned anything to Cohen about adoption again. (sorry about the poor quality, I took a picture of the paper with my phone).


Mrs. Cherakee gave this picture to me and said “do you have something you want to share?” I was shocked. Cohen is going to make an amazing big brother! Evidentially the discussion that night was about helping others and he was to draw a picture of himself helping someone else.

Jace and I took that as a sign from God and we called our adoption agency to start the process again!

Big thank you, once again, to my amazing Sister-In-Law Tricia for these amazing pictures!

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