Thursday, January 17, 2013

Do you know your helping and linking verbs?

Last semester in CC we learned our Prepositions. Cohen LOVED learning his prepositions, mostly because there was a really catchy song that went with them. Allow me to brag a moment…he was actually invited by one of the local elementary schools to come recite his prepositions.

This is a picture of him in front of a classroom full of 4th graders reciting his prepositions! I’m so proud!


This semester we are learning our helping and linking verbs. I wanted to have them displayed in our school room because most of these make excellent sight words, and I am trying to teach Cohen to read (Trying being the word…he does not love to read…he does however LOVE to be read to, so I’m not pressuring. There will come a day when he doesn’t want me to read to him, so I’m enjoying this time while I can.)

Anyway, I used my fancy new Silhouette Cameo to create a Helping Verb and Linking Verb train. I think it turned out really cute! I got the idea from our classroom at CC. They have the books of the bible listed on the wall, so I figured I could do that same thing with the verbs.





Monday, January 14, 2013

What are the parts of the Earth?

After 12 weeks of Classical Conversations, I sort of feel like I know what I’m supposed to be doing. My goal for the next 12 weeks is to keep it fun and educational. I want to do more crafts/experiments!

For Week 13, we are learning the different parts of the earth. Below is a craft I made for us to complete next week. (I made it ahead of time…not like me at but I'm sharing it online, so I had to make sure it works!).

Basically it’s a worksheet with 6 circles, labeled for each layer we are learning.

I will have Cohen draw a picture of what each layer represents (see my example below, Biosphere contains plants, animals, and people).



Cohen and I went to the library today to do school. While we were there he finished his project.

I will put it on CC Connected but if you aren't a member feel free to download a copy from my website!


I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Classical Conversations Weekly Link-Up

Friday, January 11, 2013

How well do you know Cohen (the 2013 version)?

Last year I made this really neat little artwork to hang just outside Cohen’s bedroom.

I want to make this a tradition. At the beginning of each year, ask Cohen (and any future children) these 20 questions to see how they have grown and changed over the year.

Here is ours for this year.

Cohen Interview 2013

My favorites are…

Who is the coolest person on the planet? “My Mom”

What is your favorite memory? “Playing in the water puddle with my friends.” This is especially funny because we did that when we were evacuated for Hurricane Isaac.

What food is the yuckiest? “I think all foods are good.” So true. This boy will eat ANYTHING! And LOTS of it!

What do you think? Don’t you want to ask your kids some questions.