Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Are you ready to explode?


Our science lessons for the last couple of weeks has been volcanoes. This is very exciting! I love all things science, and anything that can be hands on for my 4 year old is a big hit around my house.


We decided to try CCing It One Day at a Time’s volcano recipe.


I made her homemade playdoh ahead of time. I actually made a double recipe, so I had enough to share with all our friends at CC.


My crazy little helper stirring the playdoh. I had to take over shortly after this picture, because that stuff gets tough fast. I hope it works tomorrow when all his friends try it out.




Later that same day, we formed the playdoh into a volcano, and placed a piece of the egg carton inside. We added red food coloring and the baking soda.


I gave Cohen and medicine dropper and just let him go. He LOVED it!!








It took us a few tries to get the vinegar and baking soda ratio just right for an oozing volcano, but once he got it working, he played with this volcano for about 30 min. I just kept refilling his vinegar cup and he just kept going.



We actually came back after dinner and erupted more volcanoes! So much fun!!
I made a little bag of all the things needed for a volcano for all Cohen's classmates!




For more information, please visit CCing It One Day at a Time.


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