Thursday, March 21, 2013

Who wants to read a good book?

Confession time: sometimes when I'm sitting on the floor, reading books, singing songs, playing, painting, and crafting, I have to ask myself "Is this for real? Is my job really to just play with my kid all day?"


Ok...another confession: sometimes all this fun is really hard.


Some of the difficult parts come from feeling overwhelmed with the fact that I really am fully responsible for this amazing kid's education.


So this week, this blog post popped up in my blog reader application (Flipboard).


Homeschooling: Webcam Keeps Grandparents Involved


I was having a tough day when I read this. We were highly unproductive at "school" and Cohen was not on his best behavior (hard to imagine I know...but it does happen occasionally).


So I decided I needed to call in help. And with us moving, we need to have a fun way for Nan and Pops to keep up with Cohen. So this week, we had our very first Story Time with Nan and Pops.


Our good friend, Molly, even joined in the fun!


While they got through 2 books and some chatting, I finished dishes and fixed dinner (which they actually ate right there in front of the computer while listening to stories).


While this may not be considered "homeschooling" it is educational and there are lots of great teaching opportunities. We discussed the books after the video chat and even though he spent most of the conversation showing off his mad ninja moves, he really was listening.


Hopefully we can make this a fun weekly event!!


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  1. Most fantastic idea ever!!Why couldn't I have thought of this several years ago. It was so much fun and I am so looking forward to next week's story time!!What a wonderful way to interact across the miles!!