Saturday, April 27, 2013

What are the Raney’s reading?

We have read so many wonderful books the last couple of weeks. I wanted to share a few with you in hopes that you will check them out at your local library (or just buy them, they are THAT good).

The Sandman by William Joyce.

We loved this book. We read The Man in the Moon the same day, and thoroughly enjoyed both of them! The illustrations in these books are like none other we have ever read (except maybe other William Joyce books). These are sweet stories about the guardians of childhood and how they go about caring for the children of the world. This story is a classic Fairy Tale that will certainly be enjoyed by generations to come.

This Is Not My Hat by Jon Klassen

Oh my. Where to start. This book is very cute! I love that there are several pages that have no words at all, only beautiful pictures, so your child has the opportunity to “read” the story to you. This one has a good lesson at the end “don’t steal or you will be eaten by a big fish.” I loved it! Cohen loved it! I highly recommend it!!

Noah Webster and His Words by Jeri Chase Ferris and Vincent X. Kirsch

Cohen and I both enjoy fiction best, but every now and then we run across a non-fiction book that is just as entertaining. I sort of stumbled across this book while looking for biographies of the Presidents and I’m so happy that I did. This is a story about the life of Noah Webster, and Webster would be so proud of some of the big words they use in this book (and define for you), such as expensive, surrender and convince. Great way to expand your kids vocabulary and their knowledge of a great American icon.


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