Monday, May 6, 2013

Does this match?

One of my many goals for this summer is to try my best to teach Cohen to be more independent. He starts Kindergarten in the fall, and I’m not going to be able to spend all day everyday helping him, so he needs to learn to do for himself.


I decided to start by teaching him how to match his clothes. Big mistake! He’s a boy. He doesn’t understand that a lime green shirt and hunter green shorts don’t match. He says “but mom, they are both green.” Most days it doesn’t matter, but sometimes we do actually have to leave the house and be looking presentable.


In the past, I actually stuck outfits in ziplock bags, thinking I’d be able to reuse the bags, but they kept disappearing. I still do this for trips and such, but for everyday, I just can’t afford a new ziplock bag each and every day.


So I found these really neat little buckets at the dollar store.




I unloaded all of the clothes from his bottom drawer of his dresser, and organized these blue buckets so that he has everything he needs to get ready for the day (socks, underwear, shirt and shorts).





For the shirt/shorts outfits, I folded the shirt over the shorts, so they are “matched.”






Just something that’s working for us. Hope our little tip helps you!

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