Friday, May 3, 2013

How was the Classical Conversations Closing Program?


I have enjoyed Classical Conversations so much this year! I am so sad that it is over. Cohen and I have learned so much from this program! We both made some really great friends and I know that if I ever have a question about homeschooling or parenting or life, I can just run to one of the Moms I met and became great friends with over the past year.


At the end of April, we had our closing program. All the Foundation kids got up and sand the Timeline song. This is a 14 minute song that lists 160 timeline facts from Creation to “the rising tide of freedom” which is the era we are currently living in.


Here are a few pictures from this fun night!


A couple family shots…this kid is crazy!





This is about half the kids in his Classical Conversations Foundations group. He did really good singing the song for about the first 7 minutes. The last 7 minutes were spent jumping, leaning on the table, spinning in circles, sitting on the steps, and just basically acting like a 4 year old little boy.




Here he is getting his certificate from his tutor, Mrs. Haley.




So proud!




After the service, we went back to his classroom. Mrs. Haley had selected some of the kids work to display on the wall.




Our favorite tutor! She did an amazing job working with Cohen. He was the youngest in the class, and she was always patient and understanding when it came to his craziness. She also taught me a lot about homeschooling! What a blessing she has been this year!




Cohen had quite the crowd there to see him perform. ALL of his grandparents made it! (The sun was bright that day…and a REAL photographer may have selected a shady spot or something, but not me! Nope, I had everyone stare directly into the sun!)







Not only did he have all his grandparents, but he also invited his best friend, Molly. We were all happy to have her join us, but Cohen was pretty much beside himself! When I told him we were going to get her, he did a little happy dance in the car.






Look at our cute little family! These boys make me so happy! (and that sun makes me so squinty).




One last picture…our little family of 3 plus Molly. Love that girl!



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