Friday, May 17, 2013

Is everyday really that perfect?


Ha! Um, no.


I’m dedicating today’s post to some of those days. The days when I fail as a parent, or Cohen just misbehaves so badly, it drives me to the crazy house.


I recently posted this on Cohen’s twitter feed and on my Facebook and Instagram.




After posting it, I got to thinking that I don’t post the bad stuff nearly often enough. I love posting fun, smiley pictures of my boy, but really, not all days are that great. Just being honest here folks. Anyone who spends HOURS each day with a 4 year old must agree with me. Don’t get me wrong, there are LOTS and LOTS of really fun times and wonderful memories being made, but there are also lots of days when I want to just pull my hair out.


That particular day, we went to get a new inspection sticker for my van. He REFUSED to get out of the car. He actually told me “Mom, I’m not getting out of this car unless you agree to get a carwash.” WHAT? Yes.


Fear not, I took a picture of him, sitting in the car, trying to negotiate a car wash.




For those wondering, we didn’t get an inspection sticker or car wash that day! Sometimes its best to just go home and start over later.


Yesterday, I went to a good friends house to help her pack. She’s moving to Mississippi, and I’m so very sad! Cohen went with me and she kept her little boy at home so they could play together. After packing for about 5 hours, we decided it was lunch time. We told the boys to get their shoes on and we were leaving.


Well, Cohen found one shoe. One. And he found it in a room that we had already boxed up. Yep. So you are probably thinking what we were thinking…that shoe is on its way to Mississippi. Instead of stressing about it, I put that one shoe on Cohen and we headed to Raising Canes. Mommy Fail? I got some looks for sure, but what was I supposed to do. All my friend’s kids have freakishly small feet and my boy has huge boats for feet. And I wasn’t going home just to get him a shoe.




Best part…he went to the restroom at this restaurant. I decided not to think about it. I just let him go. Into the men's restroom, at a fast food restaurant, with one shoe. No problem though, my friends son went too, and she had to go help open the door for him (because the doors to the restroom at Canes is ridiculously heavy!). She saw my son on his hands and knees on the floor of the restroom. What in the world was he doing?? The shoeless foot is the least of our worries!


I’m hoping after this post, you understand that not everyday is perfect. We do not spend all day smiling and doing fun crafts for school. We do not ALWAYS get along, and there are lots of days I feel like I want to just run away.


Even on those tough days, I’m reminded of God’s amazing Grace and the wonderful blessing that He gave us by allowing us to be Cohen’s mom and dad. I can’t imagine doing life without him and I’d take a million of these terrible days just to know that I get to be his mom! It’s the best job I’ve ever had!


For those parents who wish to teach their own children about the war inside, might I suggest you download Switchfoot’s song THE WAR INSIDE. Really, just get the whole album. It’s good, trust me!

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