Monday, July 22, 2013

Have you taken any other fun trips this summer?


A couple weeks ago, Cohen and I managed to do some serious traveling. We stayed a night with our friends, the Safley’s, at their new home in Gulf Port, then Cohen went to Nan and Pops in Baton Rouge, while I went to San Antonio to visit Jace (he had been there for a week already), then all 3 of us stayed in Baton Rouge. We went home for one night, then Cohen and I packed up again and headed to Farmerville, to visit my parents. It was a busy week, but it was loads of fun!


Our first stop was the Safley’s home! We visit the beautiful Mississippi beach, and a small splash park in Gulf Port. It was LOTS of fun!!






Unfortunately, I wasn’t in Baton Rouge with Cohen, so there are no pictures from this trip, but I know there were loads of science projects and experiments done. He still talks about how much he learned with his Nan and Pops. We are very blessed to have people in his life who love teaching him fun things!


While Cohen was in Baton Rouge, Jace and I enjoyed a movie in San Antonio (it was Man of Steel in 3D, for those wondering)!




And we bought a house…more pictures of the new house coming later.


Once I returned from San Antonio…we went to Farmerville. Some of our favorite people were there too…the Millet and the Cortez Families! We visited the Cortez’s camp on Lake D’Arbonne and got to go fishing, canoeing and swimming.






Cohen and I were not dressed appropriately for this trip! I forgot to pack his swim shorts and I wore WHITE! What was I thinking!?




Here are all the kids (except Hope, because she’s only a year old, and was not swimming in the lake).




There aren’t many 12 year olds I’d allow to drive my kid around in a canoe, but Ethan is the most responsible 12 year old I know, so I was totally cool with this.




Once we got out of the water, Cohen found a small pile of dirt. And he’s a boy, so he just HAD to play in it!







Those are grey shorts! Yuck!! I used a water hose to wash him off before I put him in my car to go back to my parents house.




Cohen gives fried deer steak a big thumbs up!




It doesn’t have to be a holiday at Meme and Bigabal’s house to pop fireworks, you can do that any day of the year!




While we were in town, we made sure to stop by my grandmothers place so that Cohen could have a chat with his Mama Gennie.




On our last day, we visited Lincoln Parish Park Beach. We met up with the Millet and Cortez Families again.






Whew. That was a fun week and a half, but I’m happy to be home! Can’t wait to do this again!!


Thursday, July 18, 2013

How was Cohen’s first trip to San Antonio?


We went house hunting in San Antonio in May, and we decided to take Cohen along with us. Nan and Pops came too, and they were a HUGE help. They just came for the weekend, and I managed to not take any pictures with them. Daughter-in-law FAIL! I never promised I was perfect.


I think every vacation you take must involve a Cracker Barrel, and a game of checkers, right?




We went out to eat at this very yummy resturant called Dough. The best thing about this place was that Cohen basically got to make his own pizza. They gave him a ball of dough and had him flatten it. Then they baked it and served it to him. So much fun!




The first full day there, Jace and I went house hunting while Cohen stayed at the hotel pool with Nan and Pops. The second day, Cohen got to join us in our house hunt. To answer your question, yes we did find a house. I’ll post pictures of it later, but for now, here is a picture of Cohen playing on the neighborhood park.




Jace, Cohen and I stayed a full week. We did some of the more touristy things in the afternoons after Jace got off work. Here are a few pictures from our fun at the Witte Museum.







One afternoon, we met at this wonderful little trail right next to Jace’s office. We ran/biked for 4 miles in the midday heat. Whew! Texas is hot!




During the days, while Jace was at work, Cohen and I managed to have some fun of our own.


Breakfast at Starbucks! Yum!




We sat out by the hotel pool! Cohen gives this a thumbs up!




Cohen and I also visited the local elementary schools. At this point we had not yet decided on a house, but we had 3 areas we were looking, so we visited all 3 elementary schools. They were all WONDERFUL! We did eventually select a home, and a school for Cohen. Here is Cohen in front of his future elementary school.




And doesn’t everyone practice their karate skills in front of the elementary school?




Cohen and I also visited the San Antonio Children’s museum. It was LOADS of fun!











I had to take a picture of this…our luggage. This is ridiculous! I’m so ashamed that a family of 3 has to pack this much stuff for just a week away from home.




On the way back home to Louisiana, we had to stop at this place called Buc-ees. It is a convenient station/souvenir shop/restaurant/deli. There are literally hundreds of billboards on I-10 coming toward San Antonio for this place, so we had to see what all the fuss was about. We were not disappointed, in fact we were a bit overwhelmed.


Cohen HAD to get his picture with the giant stuffed Buc-ees Beaver.




There are lots more fun things to do in San Antonio, so we can’t wait to get there and start having more fun!


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Have you made any other cute crafts with your Cameo?

Why yes, yes I have!

I made these shirts for my newest niece, Haddie. They are FAR from perfect, but I figure she won’t care since she’s just a few months old, right?


Shirt personalized with Heat transfer vinyl.


Shirt personalized with Heat transfer vinyl.


Shirt personalized with Heat transfer vinyl.


Shirt personalized with Heat transfer vinyl.


Just the other day, while watching High School Musical (for maybe the 10th time this month…I seriously love that movie!), I noticed Chad (Corbin Bleu) wearing this really cool shirt. (Sorry for the REALLY poor picture quality…I couldn’t find a picture of this shirt online, so I played the movie on my ipad and took a picture from the movie, so I would have something to use as a guide when making my own shirt).




Here is Cohen modeling his new shirt. I purchased this shirt from Wal-mart about a month ago, and it fit then. I washed it, and Cohen grew a BUNCH in a month…so now it doesn’t fit at all. Oh well, he still looks adorable in it. I’m going to go buy a bigger shirt and do this again, because it’s just so darn cute! As you can see from this picture, he really does have his own background music, and he enjoys dancing to it too! Love that boy!

Shirt personalized with Heat transfer vinyl.
Shirt personalized with Heat transfer vinyl.
Shirt personalized with Heat transfer vinyl.

And here are a couple of trays I made for my sister to give away as mothers day gifts. Both her mom and mother-in-law’s last names begin with an “A.” Yep, my sister’s initials never really changed.


Tray personalized with vinyl.

Tray personalized with vinyl.


Just this week, I decided to redo my Silhouette Cameo cover. I’m planning to put a similar design on the actual cameo, to dress it up a bit.


Silhouette dust cover personalized with htv vinyl.


My neighbor had this beautiful piece of furniture from his church that he sanded and repainted. He did an amazing job! This holds the sound and computer equipment for the church sanctuary. He wanted to put a verse across the front, and asked me to help. This was by far the largest project I’ve done, and I was super nervous about how it would turn out, but I think it looks pretty good.


Furniture personalized with vinyl.

Furniture personalized with vinyl.  Justanotherraneyday.blogspot.comFurniture personalized with vinyl.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

How much fun was Cohen’s 5th Birthday Party?


Oh my goodness. So. Much. Fun!


This year, because of the moving, we weren’t sure we would have a house in LaPlace in May or June (unfortunately we did, but that’s another story for another day). Anyway, because of this, we decided to join teams with the Safley’s and have a joint birthday party for Cohen and their son, Lyons (who was turning 4). The boys decided on a Ninja Turtle theme.


First, here is my birthday boy acting crazy!




How old are you?




Fun treat bags. I made the turtle heads, mouths, and masks with my silhouette cameo.




Two birthday boys means…TWO CAKES! HORAY!


Here is Lyons’ birthday cake, made especially for him by his mom, Katie.




Jace made Cohen’s cake and I think it looks pretty amazing!




Can’t wait to dig in!




So, for the party, as usual, we rented a water slide. A big, fun, colorful, wet, water slide. Unfortunately, the weather for the day of the party was predicted to be terrible. Rain. Thunderstorms. Lightening. The slide rental company and I discussed it and I didn’t want to risk it, so we decided to cancel the slide. Boo!


No problem though. The weather turned out to be GREAT! We made do with a homemade water slide using the play set, a sprinkler, black tarps and some tear free shampoo (to make it easier to slide).


Here are the birthday boys checking out the slide contraption.




Really, this worked out great! The kids really had a ton of fun. Just goes to show that you don’t have to spend a small fortune to make kids happy. They really are easy to please.
















Some of our guests opted to stay indoors away from all that wet, water fun. Here is Cohen’s Aunt Trix, MitMit, Meme, and his newest cousin Haddie.




I think these girls were having a bit too much fun!






Back outside, the kids were still having fun!




Brue says “I want a turn on that fun water slide!”




Anna Morgan sent us some of the CUTEST Ninja Turtle cookies! That girl is so talented!!




Katie decorated the front door with some turtles. I love that she used green plates for their heads! Very crafty!!




Please excuse the poor lighting. I’m no professional!






Outside again. Eating the Turtles favorite food…PIZZA!










Make a wish.













Anyone recognize this fun towel from last years Angry Birds party? It’s an original Lilly Pie Creation. Check out her Etsy store or her Facebook page for more info.










After SEVERAL hours outside on the water slide, we came in and turned on the XBox. The adults had lots of fun with it!





We had a TON of fun at this party! It was so nice sharing the day with Lyons, and his family.