Monday, July 22, 2013

Have you taken any other fun trips this summer?


A couple weeks ago, Cohen and I managed to do some serious traveling. We stayed a night with our friends, the Safley’s, at their new home in Gulf Port, then Cohen went to Nan and Pops in Baton Rouge, while I went to San Antonio to visit Jace (he had been there for a week already), then all 3 of us stayed in Baton Rouge. We went home for one night, then Cohen and I packed up again and headed to Farmerville, to visit my parents. It was a busy week, but it was loads of fun!


Our first stop was the Safley’s home! We visit the beautiful Mississippi beach, and a small splash park in Gulf Port. It was LOTS of fun!!






Unfortunately, I wasn’t in Baton Rouge with Cohen, so there are no pictures from this trip, but I know there were loads of science projects and experiments done. He still talks about how much he learned with his Nan and Pops. We are very blessed to have people in his life who love teaching him fun things!


While Cohen was in Baton Rouge, Jace and I enjoyed a movie in San Antonio (it was Man of Steel in 3D, for those wondering)!




And we bought a house…more pictures of the new house coming later.


Once I returned from San Antonio…we went to Farmerville. Some of our favorite people were there too…the Millet and the Cortez Families! We visited the Cortez’s camp on Lake D’Arbonne and got to go fishing, canoeing and swimming.






Cohen and I were not dressed appropriately for this trip! I forgot to pack his swim shorts and I wore WHITE! What was I thinking!?




Here are all the kids (except Hope, because she’s only a year old, and was not swimming in the lake).




There aren’t many 12 year olds I’d allow to drive my kid around in a canoe, but Ethan is the most responsible 12 year old I know, so I was totally cool with this.




Once we got out of the water, Cohen found a small pile of dirt. And he’s a boy, so he just HAD to play in it!







Those are grey shorts! Yuck!! I used a water hose to wash him off before I put him in my car to go back to my parents house.




Cohen gives fried deer steak a big thumbs up!




It doesn’t have to be a holiday at Meme and Bigabal’s house to pop fireworks, you can do that any day of the year!




While we were in town, we made sure to stop by my grandmothers place so that Cohen could have a chat with his Mama Gennie.




On our last day, we visited Lincoln Parish Park Beach. We met up with the Millet and Cortez Families again.






Whew. That was a fun week and a half, but I’m happy to be home! Can’t wait to do this again!!


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