Thursday, July 18, 2013

How was Cohen’s first trip to San Antonio?


We went house hunting in San Antonio in May, and we decided to take Cohen along with us. Nan and Pops came too, and they were a HUGE help. They just came for the weekend, and I managed to not take any pictures with them. Daughter-in-law FAIL! I never promised I was perfect.


I think every vacation you take must involve a Cracker Barrel, and a game of checkers, right?




We went out to eat at this very yummy resturant called Dough. The best thing about this place was that Cohen basically got to make his own pizza. They gave him a ball of dough and had him flatten it. Then they baked it and served it to him. So much fun!




The first full day there, Jace and I went house hunting while Cohen stayed at the hotel pool with Nan and Pops. The second day, Cohen got to join us in our house hunt. To answer your question, yes we did find a house. I’ll post pictures of it later, but for now, here is a picture of Cohen playing on the neighborhood park.




Jace, Cohen and I stayed a full week. We did some of the more touristy things in the afternoons after Jace got off work. Here are a few pictures from our fun at the Witte Museum.







One afternoon, we met at this wonderful little trail right next to Jace’s office. We ran/biked for 4 miles in the midday heat. Whew! Texas is hot!




During the days, while Jace was at work, Cohen and I managed to have some fun of our own.


Breakfast at Starbucks! Yum!




We sat out by the hotel pool! Cohen gives this a thumbs up!




Cohen and I also visited the local elementary schools. At this point we had not yet decided on a house, but we had 3 areas we were looking, so we visited all 3 elementary schools. They were all WONDERFUL! We did eventually select a home, and a school for Cohen. Here is Cohen in front of his future elementary school.




And doesn’t everyone practice their karate skills in front of the elementary school?




Cohen and I also visited the San Antonio Children’s museum. It was LOADS of fun!











I had to take a picture of this…our luggage. This is ridiculous! I’m so ashamed that a family of 3 has to pack this much stuff for just a week away from home.




On the way back home to Louisiana, we had to stop at this place called Buc-ees. It is a convenient station/souvenir shop/restaurant/deli. There are literally hundreds of billboards on I-10 coming toward San Antonio for this place, so we had to see what all the fuss was about. We were not disappointed, in fact we were a bit overwhelmed.


Cohen HAD to get his picture with the giant stuffed Buc-ees Beaver.




There are lots more fun things to do in San Antonio, so we can’t wait to get there and start having more fun!


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