Monday, September 30, 2013

How do you make those cute baby bibs and burp cloths?

Today, I’m giving you a tutorial on how I made these cute bibs and burp cloths. I made these for my sweet niece, Haddie.

WARNING: I am NOT a professional!!

You will need some soft cotton print fabric (I used purple striped and polka dots), and either terry cloth or some soft minky type fabric (Link to Joann’s for example). If you look near the baby bedding fabric, you can find all sorts of soft fabrics to work with. It could be fleece or flannel too!

Step 1, when sewing ANYTHING is WASH YOUR FABRIC!! I wish that clothing manufactures would follow this one simple rule. This way, all your fabric is preshrunk, so when you wash and dry it later, it doesn’t shrink.

Next: Iron it flat. This makes cutting the fabric easier.


I start with trying to figure out a pattern. I searched online and found this site that has some great instructions. I have no idea where I got this pattern (sorry), but you could really use any shape!!
To start, pin down your pattern and cut. For this particular pattern, I only printed/taped half of it together. This is a symmetrical burp cloth, so I simply placed half the pattern at the edge, on the fold, and cut two layers…if that makes sense.


After you cut both types of fabric, take the two pieces you want to sew together and turn the right sides so they are facing each other (the pretty print and the soft minky fabric should be touching either other and you should see the back side of both).

Sew those pieces together, leaving a 1.5 inch opening at one side. After sewing, turn the fabric so that the right sides are facing the outside (pull all that fabric through that tiny opening you left).


After you turn the fabric around, sew the edges again. Make sure that the opening that you left earlier gets tucked in and sewn up as well. Go slow on this process and try your best to say an equal distance from the side the entire way around. It will look prettier if you take your time.


Now, a really good Blogger would have take a picture of the finished burp cloths. I’m not that good. I have no idea where the pictures of the finished burp cloth went.

Now for the bibs.

For the pattern, I actually used a bib I had on hand. I traced around it on packing paper (and I added about an inch on all sides). After that, I folded it in half, and traced half of it on another piece of packing paper. I know this seems like a bunch of steps, but I wanted it to be symmetrical, and the hand traced pattern was not.


I used the same sewing method (sew inside out, then right side out). In the picture below, you can see how I turned it “inside out.”


Here is a picture of the finished bibs. They are FAR from perfect, but I don’t think Haddie will mind.

Homemade Baby Bibs

Now for the cute little ruffle I did on one of the bibs. Sorry for no pics of the process, but I basically took a strip of fabric twice as wide as the bib, iron it in half, sew it inside out, then flip. Iron the “pleats” in it, then sew once across the middle. The final step is to sew a small piece of velcro on each side of the bib to fasten it around the baby’s neck.

I hope that all made sense.

Now for a picture of my machine!


My Mama Ginny (my dad’s mom) game me this machine. I’m pretty sure it’s a 1970’s model machine but it still works great! I grew up watching my mom and her mom, my Mamaw, sew everything from curtains, clothing, flags, and well, anything else you can sew. I come from a bunch of ladies who knew how to sew, and slowly, I’m learning how to do this!

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