Tuesday, October 1, 2013

How far can you kick it?


The day we moved into our house, we met our next-door neighbor. She has a 5 year old at the same school as Cohen. They were on their way to sign up for soccer at the local Catholic church. I got the information from her and signed Cohen up the next day.


About a year and half ago, we signed Cohen up for t-ball and it was, well, not a whole lot of fun. Cohen did great, and he was really a great sport about the whole thing, but it just wasn’t his thing.


Soccer is a totally different story. It’s high energy, lots of action, running, kicking, screaming fun!


2013 09 07_Soccer_0063


2013 09 07_Soccer_0077


I have no idea what is going on in this picture, but look how much fun he’s having!


2013 09 07_Soccer_0092_edited-1


2013 09 14_Soccer_0007_edited-1


Did you know if you stick your tongue out, you run faster?


2013 09 14_Soccer_0015_edited-1


2013 09 14_Soccer_0023


2013 09 14_Soccer_0036


2013 09 14_Soccer_0048


2013 09 14_Soccer_0055

We are having so much fun with soccer this year! Go Scorpions!!