Wednesday, November 6, 2013

How did you make that cute dish drying mat?


For those wondering, bath towels last exactly 10 years (or the ones we got as a wedding gift). So now I have all these towels that have frayed edges and holes in them. They are great for washing the car or drying up massive spills (like when my son fills the tub up so that it fills up the bathroom floor too). So you can see why I hate to just throw them away. But I have replaced them, so they are no longer needed in the bathroom and they are taking up valuable space in my laundry room.


I started searching pinterest for things to do with old towels. I found this cute project.


Perfect for old towels!


Now let me make this clear…I am not giving these out as gifts. If I were to do that, I’d buy a new towel, not cut up one of my old ones. If you receive a dish mat for Christmas from me, please know that I purchased a NEW towel for you!!


Ok…moving right along. This is so easy. It’s a lot like the burp cloths and bib projects I did earlier.


Materials Needed:

Fabric (WASH IT FIRST!!)


Sewing machine and thread


Cut the fabric and towel to the size you want. Mine ended up being about 16”x20”. I cut a bath towel in half, then trimmed the decorative edges off.

Place the towel on the right side of the fabric (so that you will sew it with the wrong side facing out). Pin it well! My towel sort of stretched, and it ended up curling on one side because I didn’t pin it well enough. Rookie mistake.


2013-11-05 10.24.03


Sew all sides together, leaving an opening of about 3-4 inches on one side. Cut the corners off.


2013-11-05 10.31.58


Flip it so that the right side is facing out (using that little opening…just pull the fabric through it). Pin it again. This may seem redundant, since it’s already sewn, but trust me, it will help!


2013-11-05 10.36.39


Sew all sides again.


2013-11-05 10.36.44


That’s it! Now go do the dishes!!




DIY Dish Drying Mat -


And when not in use on the counter, look how cute that looks just hanging on my stove. I’m in love with this chevron material!!


DIY Dish Drying Mat -


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