Friday, May 9, 2014

What are you going to be?

If you have seen my Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you already know that Cohen is getting a big promotion later this year!

2014-05-07 08.00.47

We actually got the call last Tuesday, April 29th, asking if we would be interested in a sweet little boy. He’s got a few medical conditions and we wanted to pray about it and have doctors give us information on what further treatment he would need. After lots of prayer, we decided that this is the baby God has planned for our family.

So, as you know, IT’S A BOY! We did not specify a gender, but with the special needs program in China, there are more boys than girls, so we kind of expected this. We are thrilled. I love the little boy that currently lives in my house and if I could have a house full just like him, that’s be a dream come true!

Funny story…Cohen actually overheard my conversation with my agency, EAC, on Tuesday, when she was going over the child’s medical history. He went to school THE NEXT DAY (before we had made our final decision), stood up in front of his entire class, and told them all he was getting a baby brother. This kid…he’s just so excited and he wanted to tell everyone. He may have also told them I was pregnant (because his teacher is pregnant with a sweet baby girl, and he may not fully understand how this whole adoption thing works??). Anyway, we will end that rumor today…not pregnant.

To celebrate, on Tuesday May 6, Cohen and I decorated our kitchen with  all sorts of fun things.

2014-05-06 16.28.49

We made Chinese lanterns and a dragon and we took strings, tied it to all the cabinets in my kitchen, and hung up all our decorations. Very festive! Then I just let my 5 year old dance on the counters. Yep, I totally rock as a parent!

2014-05-06 20.25.17-1

Here is a close-up of the Christmas tree and watermelon streamer that Cohen made…because no party is complete without a Christmas tree.

2014-05-09 07.53.55

Next, we went to one of the local Chinese restaurants and had some yummy Chinese food. Remember when we made Russian food to celebrate Cohen? Not too many Russian restaurants around LaPlace.

2014-05-06 17.31.15

Our next stop was Build-A-Bear, where we let Cohen pick out, stuff, and dress a bear for his baby brother. We made one for Cohen many years ago. He’s never actually been to Build-a-Bear, so this was a totally new experience for him.

2014-05-06 18.54.59

2014-05-06 18.56.36

This is the only picture I took of the finished bear?? His official name…Fuzzy Wuzzy!

2014-05-06 19.11.34

Am I a professional photographer or what?? I found this gem while trying to find pictures for the blog. Look at that photobomb! And it looks like he is punching her in the face. Maybe she needs it, so next time she will leave her house with pants on!

2014-05-06 19.21.00

Our last stop was the Cheesecake Factory for some cake!

2014-05-06 19.39.45

It was such a fun day. I hope this is an experience Cohen will remember.

Now for the hard part…waiting!

Now to answer the most FAQ…

His medical condition is that he has a heart defect. Nothing major. He’s already had surgery to correct the problem and he should live a totally normal life.

He was born in September 2013, which makes him about 8 months old.

We should travel in October or November to get him.

We have to wait that long because, unlike Russia, we only make 1 trip and most of the paperwork will be finalized prior to our trip.

Yes, Cohen is going with us. We will be in China for 1-2 weeks.

No, we will not be sharing any pictures. You will have to wait until he’s home.

And once again, we aren’t sharing the name either. Well, other than his last name, which will be Raney.

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